MARA - ship supply

We offer following services:

Stores and Spare Parts supply:

  • Provisions and bonded stores;
  • Engine, deck, office, cabin, galley and catering stores;
  • Lifesaving and firefighting equipment;
  • Pumps and spare parts for pumps;
  • Spare parts for engines.

Annual Technical Services:

  • Analysis of water, fuels, lubricants and foaming agent;
  • Inspections of lifesaving, firefighting and loading equipment;
  • Testing and refilling of gas and refrigerant cylinders;

Repairs and adjustments of:

  • Electric motors;
  • Radio-navigation devices;
  • Refrigerating equipment.

Discounts and credits are applied.

Maraship, LLC is St. Petersburg port based shipchandlers company found in 1995.